Environmental Tech

When it comes to the environment, some see technology as part of the problem.

We see it as part of the solution.

  • Triple-redundant Flight Systems
  • Real-time Kinematics GPS Receiver
  • Ruggedized Thermal Protection
  • Sensor Control Computer
  • Sensor Thermal Protection

Wildlife Challenge

What started as a weekend Hack-A-Thon brought about a global conservation effort. Northrop Grumman’s Wildlife Challenge competition had one goal in mind: find a new way to map ice formations in the Arctic, in hopes of tracking polar bear migration patterns without disturbing their natural habitat. Several teams of engineers rose to the challenge to see how they could help shape the future of scientific research.

With harsh winds, extreme temperatures and remote locations to deal with, the engineers banded together to build a cutting-edge autonomous vehicle — delivering an important new tool in the field of environmental conservation.

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Wildlife Challenge Timeline

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Environmental Tech
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